Parish Councillors

Below is a list of your Parish Councillors and their contact details. Your first point of contact with the Council will normally be the Clerk. However, residents should feel free to contact councillors directly on matters concerning the parish.

David Staff Chairman 01284 828578
Tony Langan Vice-Chairman 01284 386125
Mark Duchesne Councillor 01284 828566
Mike Grimmer Councillor 01284 827322
Mark Hinde Councillor 01284 828787
Clive Mears Councillor 01284 827462
Andy Tucker Councillor 01284 386825
Colin Walters Councillor 01284 828565
Julia smith Councillor 01284 827012
Amanda Hinde Clerk 01284 828787

The Parish Council does not have any committees.

The Chairman of the Council is David Staff. The Vice-Chair is Anthony Langan.
Cllrs David Staff and Clive Mears are the Council's representatives on the Stanningfield Community Association.
Cllr Anthony Langan is the Council's representative with the Suffolk Association of Local Councils.
Cllr Andrew Tucker and Sam Jordan liaise with the local Neighbourhood Watch teams.
Cllr Mark Hinde and Graham Clampin liaise with the allotment holders.
Cllr Colin Walters takes the lead on local rights of way.